Zelenskyy Superman Mittens – Knitting

Zelenskyy Superman Mittens – Knitting

I recently had the pleasure of knitting the Sailing Sweater from the Snuggly Favourites collection by Sirdar. This pattern, along with the rest of the collection, features beautiful designs for a new generation of Snuggly babies. The designers at Sirdar have re-imagined the collection in the most delicate and fairy tale shades of Snuggly Cashmere Merino Silk.

The sailing sweater is a classic and stylish design that is perfect for keeping your little one warm and cozy during the colder months. The pattern is easy to follow and the finished product is absolutely adorable. The best part is that it’s knitted with Snuggly Cashmere Merino Silk, a luxurious yarn that is gentle on your baby’s skin and will keep them warm and cozy without scratching.

The yarn is blended from the softest cashmere, smoothest silk, and pure merino wool, making it a luxurious and extra special gift for your new arrival. The yarn is not only gentle on baby’s skin, but it also has a beautiful drape and sheen that adds an extra touch of elegance to the finished product.

I’m so impressed with the quality of the pattern and the yarn that I can’t wait to make more items from this collection. The Snuggly Favourites collection is perfect for making treasured gifts for your little one or for special babies in your life. I highly recommend the Sailing Sweater and the entire Snuggly Favourites collection.


I have a fond memory of a special baby sweater I had when I was a baby. The sweater was a beautiful sailing design, with a cute boat and little sailors on it. I remembered how cozy and warm I felt wearing it, and how my parents would always take pictures of me in it.

As I grew older and became a mother myself, I wanted to share the same special memories with my own child. I searched high and low for the pattern of the sailing sweater, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s when I came across the Sirdar Snuggly Favourites collection, this top is not the same as the dress I wore, but very close.

I took pictures of my child in the sweater, and placed them next to my own baby pictures.

From that day on, the sailing sweater became a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation, always reminding us of the love and memories shared by the family. I hope my daughter will take a photo of her daughter in the same navy blue sweater.


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