Two Ways to Get New Dishcloth Patterns This Year – Knitting

Two Ways to Get New Dishcloth Patterns This Year –Sometimes it’s fun to knit a whole bunch of accessories that coordinate with each other. I have a shawl and a pair of gloves that were knit with the same yarn, and it delights me to wear them together because that’s not a matched set you’d ever be able to buy in a store.

The Amber Wrist Warmers from Mirella Moments are great to knit by themselves, but they are also part of a set of designs that use the same easy eyelet lace stitch pattern.

All of the projects use worsted weight yarn, and the fingerless gloves are available in two sizes. They include a little bit of ribbing at the top and bottom worked on a smaller size needle to keep them nice and snug on your hand and arm.

You can get this free pattern from Mirella Moments, and also check out the matching headband and cowl knitting patterns to make a full set. These would be really cute to knit for the same person, or you can make a different matching accessory for each member of the family.

And of course even though they use the same stitch pattern, you don’t have to make them all out of the same yarn if you don’t want to. Having a coordinating set, or even the same pieces in different colors to go with different outfits or coats, is another fun way to approach a set of matching patterns. Because they’re all free and easy to knit, you’ll probably come back to them again and again to stitch for yourself or for easy gift giving.

If you happen to be looking for an even easier pair of fingerless gloves, check out this super simple pattern of mine. They knit up in no time and can be embellished in all sorts of ways for gift giving or just to knit up a bunch for yourself.

[Photo: Mirella Moments]

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