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Knit a Fortune Cookie for Chinese New Year and Beyond I’ve talked before about how I don’t love wearing hats, but I will admit they’re fun and satisfying to knit. And honestly if I went outside more when it’s cold (I try not to whenever possible) I would probably like wearing hats more.

And if the hat happens to include a touch of mohair for even more warmth and coziness, that might just be the thing to get me over not liking to wear hats.

The Cheslie Toque from Kiyomi Burgin uses a strand of worsted weight yarn along with mohair, which doesn’t change the gauge that much but makes the hat warmer and gives it a bit of a halo. But it’s not too much to obscure the pretty eyelet pattern that runs up the hat in panels.

This hat is worked from the bottom up and has a fold over, ribbed brim. It comes in three sizes (which I would say are probably for teens, adult small and adult large) and is meant to be worn with 2 to 5 inches of negative ease to give you a snug fit and to help open up the eyelet pattern.

If you don’t like the mohair or just don’t have any on hand, you can use a worsted weight yarn by itself, just make sure to check your gauge before you get started.

The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Looking for more fun hat patterns to knit? Here is a collection of worsted weight hat knitting patterns that are perfect to make with leftovers from other projects. I also recently shared a bunch of hat knitting patterns for fall, and if you’ve never knit a hat before you can start with these flat hat knitting patterns that don’t require working in the round (and sometimes don’t need any shaping at all!).

[Photo: Kiyomi Burgin]

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