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How To Knit A Silly Hat… – KnittingI love big scarves. If you have to go outside on a day when it’s cold and rainy or snowy or just cold even, wrapping a big scarf around your neck makes it a little bit better. 

The Misty Morning Scarf from ChiWei Ranck aka One Dog Woof is a great example of the type of scarf I mean — simple to knit, colorful and warm. This one is made with two strands of mohair blend yarn held together for extra coziness, and it’s worked on much larger needles than you would expect, so it’s a pretty quick project despite its size (finished as shown it measures 12.75 inches wide and 66 inches long).

It’s mostly stockinette stitch with little ridges of purls, which keeps the knitting fast and fun but a little bit interesting. This would be a great scarf pattern to have on hand for holiday knitting, and of course you could knit it with different fibers and at different gauges if you like.

You can grab the pattern on Ravelry.

If you’ve never worked with mohair before, here are some good tips from A Knit Sheep. Using big needles is one of the tips, which this pattern already does. They also recommend wooden needles to help combat the stickiness and slippery nature of this kind of yarn. Stitching slowly can make working with this slippery yarn a little easier, too.

I don’t know if this would technically qualify as a super scarf, but if you knit it even longer it definitely would be. If you’re looking for a more substantial super scarf to get you through the coldest winter days, check out this pattern.

Looking for more patterns using mohair? Check out the Fernanda Sweater, the Tirlo Tee, Lilitha Shawl or this cozy knit poncho pattern with lace panels. So many fun options!

[Photo: ChiWei Ranck]


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