Halloween Costumes to Knit for Your Dog – Knitting

Halloween Costumes to Knit for Your Dog – Knitting

I don’t actually have a dog, but I know a lot of knitters do have dogs and like to dress them up in costumes for Halloween and other holidays. So I thought I’d take a peek at what’s out there in terms of Halloween costumes for dogs (don’t worry, cat lovers, I’ll have some for you next week).

Lion Brand Yarn seems to have a lock on cute knit dog costumes, with a turtle, bunny, dragon and lion pattern to knit for your pooch.

Speaking of lions, ChemKnits has a little snood that looks like a lion’s mane (no sweater attached) that’s great for a puppy or small dog.

Yarnspirations has a super cute pirate-themed dog sweater called I-Matey, perfect for the tough guy who’s buried somewhere in your dog.

Patons published a booklet that included a dinosaur dog sweater; while that pattern isn’t available, you could use a plain dog sweater and embellish it like in the pictures to make your own dino dog.

You almost can’t tell there’s knitting involved in the puppy jet pack from Sewing My Fingers Together, but there’s a knit tube inside the felt embellishments. Plus it’s adorable, even if it’s not all knitting, so there you go.

The hat called To humiliate the dog by Amoena Online isn’t exactly a costume, but it is a hat with ears, so that kind of counts. And it’s cute even if the dog doesn’t like it. And while talking of canine humiliation, why not knit some antlers? This version is by Linda Schmidt.

Are you dressing up your dog for Halloween? I’d love to know what you’re planning.

Looking for more things to hand-make and DIY for your dog? Check out some of our favorite things to make for dogs. Owning a dog can be very expensive and not only does making your own dog beds, coats and toys seem like fun, it is also a great way to save money on pet supplies too.  One of our puppy’s favorite homemade dog toy is a soda bottle ½ filled with rice. It is noisy, it flips and spins and has a spout for him to grab. 

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No Sew Easy Dog Bed – Quick and easy to make, you will want this soft and fluffy dog bed for every room, if you are looking for more DIY dog beds check out these articles for making your own dog beds.

DIY Dog Shampoo for sensitive skin – Even doggies have allergies and this recipe is for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Recycled TShirt – Dogs Tugga Toy This project was featured in Moderndog magazine and was so fun to make, the best part was ripping up all the old t-shirts. Such a great way to recycle.

Recycled Dog Collar – Pickup old shirts from thrift stores and make fun collars in different colors and sizes. Make sure to measure your dog’s neck before heading out so you know what size to shirt to buy. 

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No Sew Dog Wrap –  Made from old human track pants, very affordable to make.

Peppermint Dog Soap –  Stinky dogs are gone, peppermint is soothing and antibacterial too.

Dry Pet Shampoo – Sometimes they haven’t even dried from their bath before they are dirty again, this shampoo helps to brush out the grime.

Dog Cakes – Perfect for dog parties and doggie friend playdates

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