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BIPOC in Fiber Launches Crowdfunder for Website – KnittingI don’t write about felting your knitting all that often, which is weird because my first book was all about felting. It’s one of those things that I think was popular for a while maybe like 10 or more years ago and its time hasn’t come around again yet, but felting is a great way to make knitting warmer, more durable, thicker and more protective from the elements.

A great way to try felting is on a small project like the Felt Tip Toque pattern from Kiyomi Burgin. This simple wool hat is worked in super fine yarn and has a long brim that can be folded over once or twice to give different looks. cx

The pattern has three sizes, which come out after felting to something around 20, 21.5 and 23 inches, which should fit a range of kids, teens and adults.  Of course you can always felt your hat a little more or a little less if you happen to have the head you’re trying to fit handy so that you can get just the size you’re looking for.

Using lightweight yarn means that even after felting this hat will still be lightweight and have a bit of flexibility, which is why the brim can still be folded and adjusted once the felting is done. It’s worked in the round from the bottom up and you can also adjust the pre-felting length if you like.

It also has a little bit of I-cord at the top, which adds a bit of cuteness.

Head to the project page on Ravelry to see different sizes of hats worn on the same head so you can decide how you would like to knit it for yourself. It also gives a lot of suggestions for yarn you can use (it needs to be animal fiber and not superwaash, of course) and recommends felting by hand.

You can get the pattern on Ravelry.

[Photo: Kiyomi Burgin]

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