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Because Its Not Halloween Without A Pumpkin Dishcloth – KnittingI’ve always wanted to knit a mohair sweater for myself. They’re both light and warm, and it just seems like a luxury that I, as a longtime knitter, should have indulged in by now.

(I’m thinking next year might be the year of finally making some of those things I’ve always wanted to make, so I’d better add this to the list!)

The Instant Crush sweater from Joji Locatelli uses two strands of mohair held together to make a DK weight yarn. (If you’re sensitive to mohair or just don’t want to use it for whatever reason, you can sub in any DK weight yarn.)

It uses four colors, and I love how the fuzzy of the yarn makes it look like the sweater glows. 

It’s available in 10 sizes and meant to be worn with no ease or slight negative ease (meaning the actual measurement of the sweater is a little smaller than your body’s measurements). The chest measurements on the sweater range from 28 to 66 inches. The colorwork is fully charted for all sizes.

You can get a copy of the pattern on Ravelry.

Mohair is notorious for being a little touchy to work with, so if you’re worried you can use a strand of mohair and a different, coordinating lace weight yarn. The main problem people often have with mohair is the difficult in ripping back if you need to (which is always a possibility when doing colorwork). The best advice is to go slowly, one stitch at a time, rather than actually trying to pull out a bunch of stitches at once like you would with other fibers.

If you try to pull the fibers will just cling more tenaciously to each other and cause knots. I have read that putting it in the freezer before trying to undo stitches helps, too, but I have no idea if that’s true. Just take it slow and read the pattern carefully and hopefully you won’t have to rip back anyway.

[Photo: Joji Locatelli]

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