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Understanding Yarn Labels – KnittingNature has a lot to offer in the way of inspiration to artists, and knitters are no exception. Anne Le Brocq used textures from the sea, forest, mountains and more to develop textured stitch patterns she shares in her book The Art of Landscape Knittingir?source=bk&t=cra0fd 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=f62d7d8fb18292f074943614ed9b165f& cb=1699573681642.

The patterns are arranged in different themes: terrain, beach, forest, mountain and weather. Each section includes patterns that evoke different things you might find in those areas. For example the forest section includes patterns designed to look like beech, maple or oak tree trunks, as well as large, medium and small versions of the leaves of each of those trees. There are also designs with a mix of leaves. The weather chapter has designs for rain and a variety of clouds.

Each of the patterns is written out in words and shown in a chart. You can work an individual square and combine different patterns into a blanket, or work a pattern as a panel to combine with panels of other stitches and colors, or you can knit a blanket using one allover pattern. The stitches are mostly all knits and purls so they are suitable for knitters of any skill level.

In addition to the blocks themselves, there are seven blanket designs that combine elements to show you how it might be done. You can stitch them as presented or sub in your favorite designs to make a blanket all your own.

The blanket pictured on the cover is called Sunny Beach, and it uses six different designs that can be worked either as individual blocks or in panels. Other designs evoke a summer mountain, stormy beach, bluebells in the spring woods, the deciduous woodland, a snowy mountain (the only blanket shown worked in a single color) and a pebbly beach. A few of the patterns can be see on Ravelry.

The patterns as shown use DK weight yarn, but you can use heavier or lighter weight yarn and adjust your sizing accordingly to make a blanket or squares the size you want.

These patterns are pretty and are sure to get knitters thinking about how to preserve their local landscape or a treasured place in knitting. You could make a cloud-covered baby blanket, a throw covered with fall-colored leaves, or a beach scene complete with footprints, pebbles and waves.

About the book: 144 pages, paperback, 50 swatches and 7 blanket patterns. Published 2023 by David & Charles. Suggested retail price $24.99.


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